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NOVA scienceNOW w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Can we live forever?

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Undergraduate at The University of Southern Indiana + More Years Less Tears + Your NeXt Computer
After 15+ years as an IT professional. Jonathon decided to return to school in hopes of one day troubleshooting the most universal problem effecting all. Death, pain, and suffering by aging. As an undergraduate he is currently performing research in Dr. Richard Bennetts lab at the University of Southern Indiana, as well as volunteering for various organizations including the Buck Institute for research on Aging.
Jonathon Fulkerson
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I LOVE NEIL deGrasse Tyson, I imagine he sits atop my list of people I would love to meet. He is now hosting the remake of COSMOS, which I highly suggest to….ANYONE. He also hosted for NOVA. On this particular episode of  NOVA scienceNOW they are talking about our favorite subject! Enoy!!!


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This provocative episode of NOVA scienceNOW examines whether we can slow down the aging process, looks at the latest on human hibernation, and checks in with bioengineers and a computer scientist inventing ways to keep us “going forever.” Neil deGrasse Tyson also takes a lighthearted look at whether the tricks that have kept a 1966 Volvo running for 2.7 million miles can also help the human body go the extra mile.