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Posted: Tue, April 22, 2014 | By: Life Extension by David A. Kekich


Dear Future Centenarian, In case you missed it, CNN’s “Inside Man” documentary series ran a segment Sunday evening titled “The Future.” And the “future” topic for this show was nothing less than extreme life extension.

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You might know of host Morgan Spurlock. He shot to fame by gorging himself on McDonald’s three times a day to see what happens if he lived off only that… and he ate the largest size that workers pushed, in the now famous documentary “Super Size Me.” Where following the Super Size Me diet almost killed him, he did an about face on last weekend’s show. Not only did he chronicle his quest for longevity, but he incorporated much of what he learned into his personal life… and crisscrossed the country trying to find out how he could live “forever.”

Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock


Now Spurlock quaffs supplements and exercises. Since shooting that episode, he has lost 25 pounds and is reversing his aging profile.

How is he doing that? No mystery if you read Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100.

For one thing, he quit eating carbohydrates. No bread. No pasta. And now, thanks to Dr. Terry Grossman, sugar is also a no-no. He says he feels better than he ever has. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy himself. He still drinks wine dinner with dinner when he wants and probably sneaks secret indulgences whenever he wants too.

The happiest life extensionists do not follow Spartan lifestyles. Remember, we want to live long… and also well.

The big takeaway from this program was you don’t need to be an immortality seeker to both enjoy it – and benefit from it. It covered the gamut from a complete longevity workup followed by specific results and recommendations from Dr. Grossman to Kurzweilian never-say-die projections.

The video opened right here in S. California where people try various ways to extend their lives. In fact it was “right here” where Spurlock learned from some of the masters who attended MaxLife’s annual longevity party, as well as from of some of their over the top healthy students.

Some extremists take a hundred supplements daily. And some, including yours truly, follow the Paleo diet. Some train hard. Others moderately. Movers and shakers in the cryonics community, Max and Natasha Vita-More were two featured attendees as well as “becoming really famous” sci fi author, Zoltan Istvan, and already famous super doc Lord Lee-Benner.

Lots of other notables too, including Dr. Stephen Coles who just revealed the results to me of an undercover four-year stem cell research project. He said the science could be Nobel prize caliber. I will report details soon.

The show moved from here to Denver’s Grossman Wellness Center, where Spurlock has an incredibly thorough physical exam.

Then to regenerative medicine legend Dr. Anthony Atala at North Carolina’s Wake Forest University San Francisco, and on to genome hacking Cambrian Genomics in San Francisco, before interviewing Ray Kurzweil. Ray was predictably on top of his game and 100% positive that we will crack the aging code through technology.

After that, Spurlock made a pit stop in a pub to interview a virtual reality expert. That led him to Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab… where they treated him to some heart pounding experiences – and even created a Spurlock avatar.

Finally, Spurlock’s trek led him back to S. California to USC. They treated him to incredible hologram technology where they created a Spurlock hologram. It even had Spurlock (the original) confused for a moment as to which one was which. That gave us a peek into what uploading your consciousness onto another platform might be like one of these days.

Spurlock then summed up his experience. At first a skeptic, he came away from the experience understanding how extreme life extension is definitely probable… and that it could be in the cards for him.

His parting words of advice were to get the most out of your life, and your time, no matter how long you might live.

More Life,

David Kekich

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