Fast Forward 3 Years!

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Fast forward 3 years and I am at my second university (advancement). I am doing very well (fingers crossed) in the Biology department. My goals are clearly set, and I believe I have beginning to be “known” for what I am wanting to accomplish. (lie to me)

Looking back, I believe this is the video the first got me thinking about regenerative medicine and the possibility of making that research my life. I still not have not formed a personal opinion on Dr. de Grey, or his work. (I have not met him mind you) but at the very least he has been very inspiring (among others).

Here it is for your viewing pleasure. 🙂


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After 15+ years as an IT professional. Jonathon decided to return to school in hopes of one day troubleshooting the most universal problem effecting all. Death, pain, and suffering by aging. As an undergraduate he is currently performing research in Dr. Richard Bennetts lab at the University of Southern Indiana, as well as volunteering for various organizations including the Buck Institute for research on Aging.

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