HARDtalk Aubrey De Grey chief science officer and co founder of the SENS Foundation

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Imagine life without aging. You could live for hundreds of years with the mental and physical attributes of your 25 year old self. Would you be tempted? HARDtalk speaks to a scientist and futurologist who believes it is a proposition that 21st century biotechnology will soon be able to deliver. Aubrey de Grey’s Californian research foundation is spending millions of dollars in a bid to conquer the aging process. Is his vision inspiring, daft, or downright dangerous?

Jonathon Fulkerson
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About Jonathon Fulkerson

After 15+ years as an IT professional. Jonathon decided to return to school in hopes of one day troubleshooting the most universal problem effecting all. Death, pain, and suffering by aging. As an undergraduate he is currently performing research in Dr. Richard Bennetts lab at the University of Southern Indiana, as well as volunteering for various organizations including the Buck Institute for research on Aging.

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