(Partially an Ad) Rate-of-Aging Markers to be discussed at Confidential Teleconference

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Rate-of-Aging Markers to be discussed at Confidential Teleconference

Thanks to all who attended last Saturday’s confidential teleconference. We discussed unpublished results of an important aging study we are involved with and introduced a new ocular aging section, which is all-important for gauging your rate of aging. (full, contributing members who want the best, most economical way to evaluate how fast and how well you are aging, please visit this new section Aging in Protection from Disease

To make sure that all contributing members have the opportunity to hear this new information, we will hold the confidential teleconference on aging again this Saturday at 11:00 am (ET). The teleconference will not be recorded.

Rate of aging

Discovering rate-of-aging markers is a significant advance for everyone who wants to judge how well their longevity regimen works. It is part of a three-step strategy toward greatly extended, healthful lifespan:

Evaluate rate of aging regularly.
Optimize organ function.
Replace stem cells and organs as needed.
Steps 1 and 2 needed to be in place before attempting to make step 3 a reality. And while there is a great deal more to be done to evaluate rate of aging and to optimize organ function, we now feel we can move forward cautiously toward accomplishing step 3.

Sleep and the gut

Sometimes simple suggestions can make a big difference. See the latest post:The Gut and Sleep under Gastrointestinal Health, Gut Microbiome & Others for a simple idea on improving your gut for better sleep.

Pomegranate Juice

Are you drinking pomegranate juice? Mark posted an important new study you will want to look at in the Foods and Recipes forum in the thread: Jo Robinson Eating on the Wild Side – scroll to the end.

Wishing you extraordinary health and happiness,

Paul & Meredith

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After 15+ years as an IT professional. Jonathon decided to return to school in hopes of one day troubleshooting the most universal problem effecting all. Death, pain, and suffering by aging. As an undergraduate he is currently performing research in Dr. Richard Bennetts lab at the University of Southern Indiana, as well as volunteering for various organizations including the Buck Institute for research on Aging.

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