Rare Personal Actual Blog Post by Jonathon! (Must be philosophy)

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In my increasing effort to throw away all my credibility and future as a scientist. I put forth to you my latest in very rare personal blog posts. Yes it must be philosophy!

I’m not even sure, my friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. That you will understand the significance of what I am about to convey. It is however real and of the most disheartening effect (at the moment).

I have spent a considerable amount of time soaking up any and all science I can. I am so saturated with the proven and unproven mechanisms and inner workings of nature (including our own biology) that I can not imagine any other lifestyle.

With that being said I have reached a very pivotal realization. Everything in my life I am ashamed of or unsatisfied with can be explained systematically by biology (our human metabolism and/or psychology.) I do understand that may upset you and seem arrogant on my part. However, It is not even the defining point of this post! The nail in the coffin, the hard truth is that I can now safely say the same thing about every aspect of my true “self” that I am agreeable with, find pleasurable or am proud of.

And despite the consequences/implications of this realization. I can still say beyond a shadow of doubt, I wish I had got to this point in life many many years before now. Even in the middle of foggy, dehumanizing, nasty, true concepts like this. There is still more substance, reality, and meaning (for me anyway) than the other (so called competing) lifestyles.


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After 15+ years as an IT professional. Jonathon decided to return to school in hopes of one day troubleshooting the most universal problem effecting all. Death, pain, and suffering by aging. As an undergraduate he is currently performing research in Dr. Richard Bennetts lab at the University of Southern Indiana, as well as volunteering for various organizations including the Buck Institute for research on Aging.

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