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My name is Jonathon Fulkerson. I am an undergraduate in Biology for the University of Southern Indiana.

After a diverse career in IT, my desire for science and a (forgive the dramatics, but) life-changing surgery, came to a sharp point.  A collection of informative lectures from various science and/or Anti-aging personalities, on modern medicine/research. Inspired me to go to college and seek a degree in Molecular Biology. I finally knew which field of science was worth it to me personally to pursue. I do not believe that aging is an acceptable or inevitable disease. We can and will slow it, or maybe even cure it eventually. The delay in this science is linked directly to the effort being put in obviously. Since my time of inspiration, I have dedicated myself to the process of aiding that research. You could say I am first testing my aptitude for making a direct impact by studying biology and aiming for Grad school at a Lab focused on anti-aging research. It is entirely possible my contributions may be best served indirectly. Time will tell. For now I am trying my best to create and check off the best Graduate school “checklist” I can. This is a dynamic process, and any information from anyone is welcome.

*Update* 10/6/2016

I have taken my first break from school for two very important reasons. Most importantly to (financially) provide a better home environment for my children and assist their extracurricular activities. Chess club, math club, soccer, basketball, baseball and amateur exploration/hiking (caves and etc.) With that being said, I am still moving full swing ahead with my ambitious career goals. Currently I am in  major fundraising mode. I am designing and prototyping products via a multitude of professional level engineering software and custom personally built 3d printers. My goal is to fund my own research during grad school and career post graduation. After graduation I will design and maintain my own lab dedicated to CRISPR research with light duties in AI, Robotics, Manufacturing and Design. All of this is certainly subject to change as I learn more about my abilities and the opportunities elsewhere.


Currently I am in school full time, research in Dr. Bennett’s lab, and work for the Biology Dept prepping labs and doing general lab duties. I  also own and operate Your NeXt Computer in Evansville, IN. I volunteer for SWIRCA in Evansville (Southwest Indiana Regional Council on Aging). I volunteer for the post-docs at The Buck Institute for research on Aging, and I also volunteer for the Small World Program all at the University of Southern Indiana. I am a father of two beautiful children. Sylar Wayne 7, and Koraline Elizabeth Fulkerson 3.

Bioclub swircalogo

Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education

Previous Accomplishments or Additional Relevant Information – “curriculum vitae like”

I will whittle this down with the help of those with more experience than myself, when It comes time to apply to grad school. Any advice is appreciated.


Volunteer / IT Consultant for The Buck Institute post-docs (2015 – present) #MYLT

Lab Assistant – Biology Dept. University of Southern Indiana (2013 – present)

Small World Language Partner Volunteer (2014-Present)

SWIRCA (Southwest Indiana Regional Council on Aging) Volunteer (2012 – present)

Accepted into the PC3 Community Housing for STEM Majors (2015/2016 Academic Year)

Research Presenter @  2015 Endeavor Symposium – University of Southern Indiana. (2015)

Received Judy Benedict Hightower Memorial Scholarship (2015)

Started/Created/Host/Maintain the Blog MoreYearsLessTears.com which has grabbed the attention of Anti-Aging research enthusiasts world-wide including those associated with the Buck Institute and The SENS Research Foundation. #MYLT #MyHonor (2014 – Ongoing)

Significant Twitter following (@yearsnottears) and established social media presence spawned from MoreYearsLessTears.com #MYLT (2014 – Ongoing)

Nominated For The National Barry Goldwater Scholarship (2015)

Vice President USI Biology Club  (2013 – 2014)

Research Presenter – ASCB Conference – Philadelphia (2014)

Attened the American Society of Cellular Biology Conference (2014)

Accepted into the EURP (Early Undergraduate Research Program) – University of Southern Indiana. (2013)

Research Presenter Twice for students and Faculty during the EURP. (2013)

Eagle Scout – Troop 137 Hanson, KY (2001)


My Education

Jonathon Fulkerson – Undergraduate (Biology)

University of Southern Indiana – (Main Campus)

  • The University of Southern Indiana is a public university located just outside of Evansville in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Founded in 1965, the school offers 70 undergraduate majors, 10 master’s programs, and one doctoral program.
  • Address: 8600 University Blvd, Evansville, IN 47712
  • Mascot: Archibald Eagle (Archie)


Ivy Tech Community College – (Southwest Campus)

  • The Central Indiana Region of Ivy Tech Community College serves Marion County and seven adjacent counties. 
  • Address: 50 W Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46208


Madisonville North Hopkins High School – Madisonville, KY

  • Madisonville-North Hopkins High School opened in Madisonville, Kentucky in fall 1968. The school, located on Hanson Road, replaced the old Madisonville High School. Classes had graduated from the Spring Street facility from 1939-1968. 
  • Address: 4515 Hanson Rd, Madisonville, KY 42431
Jonathon Fulkerson
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